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Pure Hemp CBD Anti Stress Relaxation Oral Spray 8ML

While CBD has been known to act as an effective treatment supplement for conditions such as cancer, chronic pain and epilepsy, if there is one psychological condition that CBD is widely known to help with is anxiety and stress. CBD directly interacts with the Endocannabinoid System in humans which stimulates sleep, induces hunger and in acute doses acts, as an anxiolytic.

Our CBD Anti Stress spray can help treat chronic anxiety and facilitates the effective functioning of the neurological and cardiovascular systems.

Pure Hemp CBD Anti Stress Relaxation Oral Spray 8ML

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Our Pure Hemp CBD Anti Stress Relaxation Oral Spray comes in 8ml and 30ml spray bottles.

Our spray is sure to help relieve any stress that you might be going through. Used in recommended doses, CBD can be an effective treatment to conditions stemming from chronic stress.



CBD is widely known to possess strong anxiolytic properties that stimulate the functions of serotonin receptors in the brain. Acting much like an Serotonic Reuptake inhibitor, CBD has been seen to reduce anxiety symptoms without side-effects experienced by patients undergoing conventional anxiety treatments.

Our CBD oral spray dispenser has been designed for individuals who live an active lifestyle; easy to carry and easy to use. The spray helps protect the negative effects of metabolic, cardiovascular and neurological systems and it will help treat people struggling with chronic stress and anxiety. Each serving contains 60mg or 180mg of CBD oil.

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