Pure hemp CBD pet chew treats

//Pure hemp CBD pet chew treats

Pure hemp CBD pet chew treats

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The treats come in packets of 32 treats, each with 5mg of CBD oil per treat.
These can be used as a dietary supplement to assist in pain management, acts as an anti-emetic and relieves any stressthat your pet may be experiencing.



Our pure hemp CBD pet chews have been put through rigorous laboratory testing to ensure that no toxins, heavy metals or chemicals are present in our products. The pet chews have been proven to have no interaction with other medication and do not affect the kidneys, liver or the gastro intestinal tract like other over the counter medication. The recommended dosage for pets is:

  • 1 treat for pets weighing less than 15 lbs.
  • 2 treats for pets weighing over 15 lbs.
  • No more than 2 treats a day.

Get your furry little friends the best possible medication for their conditions. Buy our CBD oil and pet chew treats for cats and dogs.

For more CBD based products for your pets, please visit: http://vets4life.myctfocbd.com/cbdcatalog.html


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