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Isolate CBD Oil Herbal Drops 500MG

Isolate CBD Oil drops are approximately 99% isolate CBD. The product has been laboratory proven to be completely free of toxins and THC, guaranteed to assist in managing muscle pain, anxiety, nausea, muscle spasms and seizures. Known benefits of CBD isolate include acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, preventing the spread of cancer, tempering neurodegenerative disorders and mediating psychotic disorders.

The product has a natural peppermint flavour and no extra additives for flavor that would compromise the purity of the product or your well-being.

Isolate CBD Oil Herbal Drops 500mg

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The product has been known to help in managing a wide range of conditions and symptoms such as seizures, anxiety and nausea.

The oil comes in a 30 ml. Bottle with a black dropper lid.



Our isolate CBD oil drops make for an invaluable addition to your healthcare regimen. Since this product does not interact with any other medication, it would serve as an immensely therapeutic supplement to your treatments.

The product has been lab tested and proven to be absent in pesticides, microbes, mycotoxins, heavy metals and any other possible contaminants that could compromise the therapeutic value of the product. The recommended dosage is: 20 drops per serving under the tongue or mixed with food or drink.

CBD oil drops come in a variety of forms, each with separate therapeutic value. To explore a full range of CBD products please visit:

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