What tests do you run on your products?
All batches of our products are tested at a third party lab and are guaranteed to be free of any contaminants such as bacteria, heavy metals, toxins or pesticides.

Do you ship internationally?
No, we ship to all states within the United States and Canada only.

Will CBD help my condition?
Our products are guaranteed to be of the best quality and while there is evidence pointing towards the therapeutic effects of CBD, reactions to CBD might differ and we cannot recommend our products as treatments for specific conditions.

How do I store these products and when do they expire?
You should store our products at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Our products have a shelf life of 2 years.

Can I take CBD with other forms medication?
We cannot recommend whether you should mix CBD with other types of medications. This depends on individual specific conditions and prognosis.

Is CBD Addictive and can I get high from your products?
Cases of CBD are rare if not non-existent altogether. There is no withdrawal and because there is very little THC in CBD oil, it does not get you high.