Our Joint Effort To Relieve Joint Pain With CBD: Does It Work?

//Our Joint Effort To Relieve Joint Pain With CBD: Does It Work?

Our Joint Effort To Relieve Joint Pain With CBD: Does It Work?

Have joint pain? Most people reach for OTC medication to relieve themselves of pain and stiffness in joints, however, these products come with a range of serious side-effects that include damage to the stomach lining, kidneys and liver.

People who’re looking for a natural alternative that is gentler on the body should consider using CBD for joint pain.

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. It’s completely natural and non-psychoactive. CBD can be applied onto the joints in the form of oil or topical creams/lotions soothe inflammation. According to lab tests, CBD can reduce inflammation by 50% in mice.

Several other studies have shown that pure hemp oil is loaded with cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory properties and alleviate joint without causing side-effects that typically triggered by opioids.

Using CBD for Joint Pain

The usage of CBD will depend on the form of CBD you opt for. Every form of CBD comes with its own guidelines.

CBD in the form of Topicals

CBD can be found in the form of creams and lotions. To apply CBD topicals correctly, you’ll have to wash the affected area thoroughly with a cleaner or soap to ensure you’re not diluting its effects with the presence of other products on the skin.

Pat the area dry and apply the CBD cream/lotion. Gently massage into your skin until the product is fully absorbed.


CBD oil is can be applied on to the affected areas the same way as CBD-based topicals. Clean the target area thoroughly using soap and then gently massage an appropriate dose of CBD oil into your skin.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are essentially liquid supplements that can be stored in small glass bottles and are administered using a spray or dropper.

CBD tinctures can be mixed with terpenes, coconut oil, essential oils as well as other natural herbs to mask its taste.

Before you begin using CBD joint treatment, it’s better to consult a medical marijuana doctor who can recommend what dosage and form of CBD is best for you.

Also, it’s important to makes sure you’re purchasing your CBD products from reliable sources.

CBD Oil Resource Center offers a wide-selection of CBD oil products that can be used to alleviate joint pain. Our top sellers consist of Isolate CBD Oil Herbal Drops and CBD Vapes. Check out our products online and purchase our CBD oil products today.

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