All You Need To Know About Cannabis and Kitties

//All You Need To Know About Cannabis and Kitties

All You Need To Know About Cannabis and Kitties

CBD is often touted as a “miracle drug” for its numerous benefits. CBD hasn’t just proven to be an effective treatment for humans, but it also seems to work on cats and dogs.

Have a pet cat that’s behaving differently? They may be suffering from a health condition; they’re just not able to tell you!

Let’s take a look at how CBD helps can help ill cats:

It Slows Down the Spread of Joint Pain

Earlier vets were under the impression that only dogs experienced arthritis, but we now know that arthritis is just as common in cats as it is in dogs. The older cats get, the more likely they are to develop arthritis.

A 2011 study found that 61% of cats that are above the age of 6years show signs of arthritis in at least one of their joints. By the time they reach the age of 14, 82% of cats will have arthritis.

Arthritis affects cats the same way it affects humans. Cats with arthritis are under constant pain, it becomes difficult for them to move around, their energy levels drop as well as other symptoms that makes their life uncomfortable.

Just like with humans, arthritis is inevitable in old age in cats; however CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the discomfort and spread of inflammation.

It Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Picture2It’s not just humans, animals get anxiety too! It may not look like it but cats also experience stress. Stress in cats can be triggered by fights with other cats, poor relationships with their owners, change of environment and other health conditions.

Cats are well-equipped to handle short-term stress, but being in a constant state of stress will take a toll on their health, eating habits, grooming habits, as well as their behavior.

Studies carried out on humans have found that CBD can provide relief from anxiety and stress by regulating the production of cortisol and influencing the brain receptors that regulate mood.

CBD enhances the brain’s inbuilt “Fight or Flight” mechanism and the way our brain reacts to stress

It Increases Appetite

Your cat doesn’t need to eat like Garfield but it definitely needs to eat enough in order for its body to function. A cat may avoid eating food due to mood disorders (yes, cats have them too), dental problems and other health issues. If you’ve noticed your cat’s appetite drop, it’s because they aren’t feeling well.

Since animals can’t convey pain and discomfort, it becomes difficult for us to determine what may be wrong—this is where CBD is helpful. CBD addresses a range of health conditions and increases your pet’s appetite at the same time. Your cat’s symptoms will alleviate and you can rest assured that they’re getting all their nutrients.

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