Ways to Curb Anxiety Attacks With Medical Cannabis

//Ways to Curb Anxiety Attacks With Medical Cannabis

Ways to Curb Anxiety Attacks With Medical Cannabis

Anxiety is one of those medical conditions that can be hard to explain to those who’ve never truly experienced it. Everyone feels anxious every now and then but people with severe anxiety feel it at a whole other level.

Remember what it felt like going in for an exam that you hadn’t really prepared for? Or that feeling you got in your stomach before you presented in front of class for the first time?

People with serious anxiety feel that discomfort over the smallest things. They aren’t being overdramatic, they are genuinely anxious about most things in life. Their anxiety can be triggered by anything from being late to a meeting, to having lots of work to do.

Conventional medication that is used to treat anxiety comes with all sorts of side-effects; treating anxiety with medical cannabis is a much safer alternative.

Here’s how medical marijuana can curb anxiety attacks:

1. It Releases Serotonin

Serotonin is commonly known as the “happy hormone” because of its ability to improve our mood. Serotonin is essentially a neurotransmitter. The impact it has on the body depends on what it binds to. It holds 14 receptors, CBD molecules bind onto receptors that have the most impact on anxiety disorders.

Anti-anxiety drugs also bind to serotonin the same way CBD does, however they come with their own set of side-effects which can cause other issues in the body.

2. Endocannabinoids

We produce cannabinoids in our bodies that are used by our inbuilt endocannabinoid system. When the body is under chronic stress, it causes an imbalance in our endocannabinoid system.

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Regular use of CBD can help restore balance and prevent overstimulation of certain receptors. It also increases the production of the body’s natural endocannabinoids. From studies carried out on lab rats, we know that CBD can help us better process and even forget our fears – something that is crucial to our existence.

3. It Stimulates Neural Regeneration

Did you know that being in a constant state of stress and anxiety actually causes the brain to shrink? Even when our brains do shrink, certain parts can still be regenerated. Our brain continuously produces neurons that build new connections, which in turn causes our brain to grow. CBD speeds up this regeneration process. Time and again studies have found that regular intake of CBD promotes neural regeneration, specifically in the hippocampus area.

Because stress can be triggered by so many things, it helps to have CBD oil-based products around the house when your anxiety starts to get the better of you.

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