The Notorious Nausea: THC’s Role in Regulating Nausea

//The Notorious Nausea: THC’s Role in Regulating Nausea

The Notorious Nausea: THC’s Role in Regulating Nausea

Though people often used the words nausea interchangeably with the word vomiting, the two are actually quite different. The word nausea is used to describe the feeling that you’re about to throw up. Vomiting on the other hand is the physical act of doing so.

Feeling nauseated can be attributed to both physical as well as psychological reasons. Physically, feeling nauseated can be due to:

  • Stomach/digestive problems
  • Head injuries
  • Intense pain
  • Reaction to medication or treatment such as chemotherapy
  • Sensory problems (e.g. motion sickness)
  • Other illnesses such as hepatitis

Psychologically, nausea can be the result of immense stress, fear, and disgust as well as due to anxiety. Where conventional allopathic nausea medication might work for some, others may react to it making it unsuitable for use. This is where THC and CBD come in.

THC, CBD and Nausea Regulation

man vomittingAccording to research, THC and CBD are both quite effective in fighting nausea. However, the way in which they do this is different. Receptors known as CB1-Receptors are among those responsible for nausea. THC works by acting on these receptors inhibiting the process that leads to nausea.

CBD on the other hand does not work on the CB1-Receptors. CBD acts on serotonin receptors which also contribute to nausea. CBD helps drop the amount of serotonin being transported to nerve centers responsible for causing nausea. This reduction in activity in turn helps alleviate any nauseating affects.

So Which is Better?

CBD and THC are both extremely effective when it comes to fighting nausea and can be quite powerful in combination. When it comes to treating nausea using THC and CBD, there are a number of ways in which the same can be administered. Smoking marijuana is one effective way of addressing nausea but this can be problematic for those with respiratory problems. There are other ways to administer THC and CBD that are more potent and efficient than smoking.

Both can also be administered with the use of CBD oil or consuming edibles. CBD oil in particular is quite useful.

Winding Down

If you’re someone looking to buy CBD oil online for medicinal use, we have a number of CBD products that may interest you. Our product line includes 500mg and 1500mg full spectrum CBD oil drops. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any more questions on THC, CBD and how the two can be beneficial to health.

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