CBD Oil For Diabetes: How Does It Work?

//CBD Oil For Diabetes: How Does It Work?

CBD Oil For Diabetes: How Does It Work?

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 100 US citizens suffer from either diabetes or pre-diabetes. The study also stated that diabetes continues to be a growing health concern for Americans, and that more than 7 million Americans didn’t know they had the condition. Diabetes not only leads to major lifestyle changes among those who have it, but also results in huge healthcare costs.

According to a report by Forbes, scientists have now started looking for alternative treatments that could at least delay or prevent the onset of diabetes. One of these is CBD. Does it really work, though? Read on to find out!

What is diabetes?

A person is diabetic if their body is unable to produce insulin naturally. Insulin is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pancreas. The function of this hormone is to break down excess glucose into its many components to modulate its levels and produce energy. When there’s not enough insulin in the body, blood glucose levels can’t be regulated. If this is not rectified in time, it can even be fatal.

There are two main types of diabetes; Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is acquired at a young age and mostly surfaces as a result of a genetic disposition. Patients who have type 1 diabetes heavily rely on insulin injections to control their blood control levels. On the flip side, type 2 diabetes is more common among adults and is considered a less severe form of diabetes.

How does cannabis help?

The link between cannabis and diabetes is explained by CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. This property increases the body’s sugar metabolism. According to research, CBD lessens the urge to munch on things unnecessarily. This helps patients control their appetite. When calorie intake decreases, the body is in a better position to maintain its BMI levels. According to the same research, a survey was carried out and it was found out that respondents who consumed CBD exhibited a lower tendency for diabetes.

As for patients who suffer from type 1 diabetes, CBD is said to have anti-autoimmune properties. This means that it helps the body regulate its normal blood glucose levels.

Although there isn’t enough clinical evidence to support the claim that CBD can directly cure diabetes but it can help lessen the effects of stress and anxiety. Scientifically speaking, stress and anxiety can make blood glucose levels fluctuate.

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