Giving CBD to Your Child: Things Every Parent Should Know

//Giving CBD to Your Child: Things Every Parent Should Know

Giving CBD to Your Child: Things Every Parent Should Know

As states continue to legalize the use of marijuana, medical treatments with the use of CBD oil are starting to become very popular, especially with parents. CBD oil is being used to help treat children with certain conditions. If you’re also considering CBD treatments for your child, here’s everything you need to know first:


The marijuana plant has two components: THC and CBD—THC is the psychoactive component that can make you high whereas CBD is the non-active part. CBD oil can be used in medical treatments in which a particular CBD-to-THC ratio (19:1) is maintained. According to many professionals, CBD only works medically in conjunction with THC, and not alone.

CBD Oil isn’t Cheap

Using CBD oil to treat a medical condition can be expensive—you may have to spend up to $500 every month as your insurance normally doesn’t cover it. The price will, of course, vary depending on where you buy it from, the state tax, and relevant factors.

Legal Administration

CBD Oil is not legal in every state and if you want to administer it, make sure you check you state laws before you proceed. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) clearly states that CBD is only legal where marijuana has been legalized. So, if you live in a state that is yet to legalize CBD, go through the proper channels and get a prescription to use it.

Helps Treat Children’s Ailments

CBD oil can help alleviate a number of ailments in children like autism, anxiety, depression, ADHD  and other disorders. The medical use of CBD is relatively new and although there is still more research needed to validate the use of CBD to help relieve these conditions, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence in support of its benefits.

It’s important to remember that before giving CBD oil to your child, always consult a doctor who might recommend a prescription CBD oil instead of an over-the-counter one. They might also give you specific instruction on the dosage and usage, so make sure you take medical advice first.


CBD oil is becoming well known for its health benefits in relieving certain conditions in children. However, its important that parents who decide to give their child CBD oil consult a doctor first. For some children, CBD oil is the only treatment that has shown any positive results; these kids need to reside in a state where CBD oil is legal and their families need to be financially strong enough to afford the expense of using CBD oil daily.

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Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before using any un-prescribed medicine.

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