Why Your Dog May Need a Dose of CBD

//Why Your Dog May Need a Dose of CBD

Why Your Dog May Need a Dose of CBD

They say dogs are like best friends—and rightfully so. Humans will often let you down with regular doses of selfishness and hypocrisy; dogs, on the other hand, are always a source of solace. They’re faithful, and give you the love you need, bringing joy to your life by running to you every time you enter the room.

To ensure that your cute little ball of fur remains happy, you need to do everything you can to take care of them. By care, we mean a balanced diet, routine walks in the park, good hygiene, and, of course, proper medication.

If your dog is feeling nauseous, anxious, or has pain in a certain body part, it’ll act distant and won’t eat. That’s nothing to worry about, though, because there is a solution: CBD treats for dogs.

What are CBD treats?

CBD treats are an alternative to CBD oil. While CBD oil works as a good remedy for certain human ailments, its taste is a bit too bitter for animals.

Oil is also difficult to administer to a pet. On the other hand, CBD treats are pleasantly flavored and chewable, feeling like normal pet food.

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant which has potential health benefits. CBD treats contain very little THC (a psychoactive cannabinoid), so they won’t get your pet ‘high’ or abnormally euphoric. They work the same way as they do in humans, because dogs have an endocannabinoid system too.

When does your dog need it?

  • Pain:If your dog acts weird in public, doesn’t come near you, or refuses to eat, the chances are that something’s hurting them. It could be an injury or some kind of inflammation. Either way, CBD works like a painkiller because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Seizures:  If your dog suddenly gets epileptic convulsions, there might not be enough time to take them to a vet. Seeing your pet suffer like this can be a traumatizing ordeal. A vet is not always easily accessible either. CBD treats work as an anticonvulsant and are known to have healing effects against seizures.


  • Anxiety: Most common signs of anxiety among dogs are restlessness, unusually aggressive behavior, and a change in body language, urinating around the house, barking pointlessly, and feeling of agitation when they see another dog on the road. Research has shown that CBD has anxiolytic properties which ease anxiety in both animals and humans. 


How to get CBD treats for your dogs, you ask? We’ve got you covered. CBD Oil Resource Center offers a diverse range of CBD derivatives including CBD treats for pets. To buy cheap CBD treats online in the USA or Canada, contact us through our website. You can also call us up at 719-424-500.

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