CBD for your furry little friends

//CBD for your furry little friends

CBD for your furry little friends

When you adopt a pet, it becomes a very significant part of your family. Sometimes when they fall sick, it can be very painful to watch them suffer in quiet. CBD happens to be just as effective in helping dogs, cats and other animals as it is for humans for many illnesses.

Because of its chemical properties, CBD can help manage stress, anxiety, cancer and seizures in animals as well. For this reason, it presents a very effective solution for helping your pets against many conditions they might be suffering from.

Some major conditions that you can manage with CBD are:

Pain and inflammation

Many conditions cause inflammation and discomfort in pets. If your pet has gotten along in the years or has suffered a major injury, it can develop conditions like an inflammatory bowel disease or encephalitis among others. Each of these conditions can be caused by parasites, bacterial or viral infections.

CBD has anti-oxidant and pain-relieving properties that provide quick relief from the discomfort your pets feel from inflammation. The chemical properties of the substance help reduce inflammation and affect the nervous system in ways that stop the feeling of pain altogether.


Animals going through a severe illness is one of the saddest things you can ever witness. Especially if you’ve adopted them, they almost seem helpless against their condition. Cancer is a medical condition that is very painful for dogs and cats.

Existing treatment methods are also very uncomfortable since they leave these animals nauseous and pain-ridden. CBD oil and CBD pet chews can help eliminate the pain your pet might feel as well as act like an anti-emetic to reduce nausea and vomiting.

Combining CBD with treatments for cancer can go a long way in reducing the discomfort associated with the treatments.

Stress and Anxiety

cats jumping and playingJust like humans, animals can also suffer from stress and anxiety. For whatever reasons they may develop the conditions, it can make your pets aggressive and unapproachable. At this time, try to consider the reasons for why they may be acting like this and help them overcome their stress.

Massaging your furry friends with CBD oil or giving the CBD treats to chew on, can help reduce their anxiety. Once you start using these, you will find that your pets become much more playful and agreeable than before.

Epilepsy and Seizures

Seizures caused by epilepsy or any other neurological conditions have been shown to reduce in frequency and intensity when treated with CBD. These conditions are usually caused by an inflammation of the nerves in the brain. Using CBD can help reduce this inflammation, which will then make the conditions manageable.

 Improving Cardiovascular Health

Dog runningCBD has been linked to improving heart conditions for animals. The chemical is very useful in reducing damage to blood vessels, reduced heart rates and improves blood pressure.

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