CBD Oil As A Relief From Arthritic Pain

//CBD Oil As A Relief From Arthritic Pain

CBD Oil As A Relief From Arthritic Pain

Arthritis is a condition characterized by an inflammation of joints due to the wearing down of cartilage between them.  The most common sufferers of the conditions are sports enthusiasts, aged people and those who may have suffered a joint related injury in the past.

How does arthritic pain occur?

x-ray knee joint arthiritisBefore we can understand how and why CBD is effective for arthritic pain, it is important to understand the root cause of the condition. Although cartilage tears are painful enough in themselves, a condition called oxidative stress is the reason for the exacerbation of the condition.

The stiffness and the inflammation in the joints is the cause of the pain arthritic patients feel. As the cartilage wears down, it removes the protective layers that facilitate joint movement. The joints begin grinding against each other which causes the inflammation and pain.

This inflammation is facilitated by the generation of heat between the joints as they grind against each other. Due to a presence of oxygen in the surrounding system, the friction causes inflammation of the joints.

How does arthritic treatment work?

 Common treatments for arthritis include the use of paracetamol, tramadol and therapies like acupuncture and electroconvulsive muscle stimulation. Although these treatment methods are effective, they are also rather invasive and the medication has multiple side-effects. Tramadol in particular poses the risk of addiction and patients have shown a rapid development of resistance to the drug.

Since there is no cure for the condition, the only thing patients can really do is use pain management techniques and regular exercise or physical therapy to overcome the effects. Even then the pain only subsides. Fortunately, the chemical properties of cannabinoids offer a better treatment alternative.

How does CBD oil help?

Cannabinoids have been shown to possess anti-oxidant properties that can help reduce the inflammation in a wide range of conditions that are exacerbated by oxidative stress. Arthritis, as one of the conditions influenced by over oxidation in the body, is a prime candidate for CBD based treatments.

Contrary to popular belief, THC is not the only cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. Other examples of cannabinoids in the plant include:

  • Cannbidiolic Acid
  • Cannabidiol
  • Cannabinol
  • Cannbigerol

Whether in isolation or in combination with one another, these can help serve therapeutic purposes in terms of reducing oxidative stress.  CBD oils that are devoid of THC don’t intoxicate the user and help reduce the discomfort felt from arthritis significantly. Instead of using medication that has severe chemical side effects, these are a great substitute as an organic treatment option.

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